BETWINNER Review 2021


Looking for a trusted sports betting site to join? BetWinner is one of the top choices in the industry, featuring a sportsbook and a casino section both. It’s an ultimate gaming site for punters and casino fans with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.


Rated: 5.00/5
MYBOOKIE Review 2021


In the sea of online sports betting sites out there, not many can call themselves kings. MyBookie doesn’t have that problem. It’s a reputable site that has joined the crypto betting craze and features a wide list of sports markets for you to explore.


Rated: 4.70/5
22Bet Review 2021


One of the most popular bookies on the Internet, 22Bet features a long list of sports and thousands of sports markets. The sports betting site has a casino too, although it’s primarily known as a bookmaker.


Rated: 4.50/5
1xbet Review 2021


A sports partner to clubs such as Barcelona and Liverpool and an official sports partner to the Cascade Esports team, 1xBet is one of the most exciting sportsbooks on the market. The sports betting site has plenty of tricks up its sleeve paired with dozen


Rated: 4.30/5

Where to start?

First of all, you need to choose the right sports betting site and read the reviews we prepared for you in this “sportsbooks” section. After that you must start following the sports you are most knowledgable about and be very smart about your bets. Make sure you check our analysts work on Twitter and Telegram where daily sports predictions are posted. For newbies it is a must to know the first steps of betting, for that read the information prepared for you here below as well as read more articles on our sites Betting section. 

Types of Betting Odds Explained

Before you start placing bets on sports, it’s crucial to take a look at the different types of odds betting sites are offering. There are 3 types of odds, fractional, decimal, and American. These all are similar in the outcome and do not alter the payout. 

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Should You Start Sports Betting In 2021?

Sports betting is a great pastime for a lot of people. They don’t really expect to earn a lot of money or even anything at all. But it’s a fun way to test your knowledge in that sport and see if you can potentially win something. It comes in handy, and it can help you test out all kinds of cool ideas. But this brings the question, is sports betting popular?

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Can You Make A Living From Sports Betting?

Sports betting is a great way to follow certain sporting events with more interest than you would otherwise do if you didn’t bet. It’s a great opportunity to have a good time, but also to earn a decent amount of money, all depending on your experience. Many think that the main factor of success in sports betting is luck, but of course, that is not the case. To be successful in sports betting, you need good knowledge. Is it possible to live from that?

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How To Bet On Half Time/Full Time?

Did you know that half-time/full-time is among the ten most popular bet types in football? Of course it is, offering higher odds than other types like double chance or match result. What needs to be done to master it? Let’s dive right into the tips and tricks that will help you get half-time/full-time betting down to a fine art. 

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What To Do On A Betting Losing Streak?

When you’re betting, it’s quite normal to be on a losing streak. Obviously no one wants to be in it, but what to do on a betting losing streak? At the end of the day, you always want to ensure that you get past it. However, overcoming a losing streak can be rather difficult. A lot of people end up just stepping away from the betting experience entirely, but for those who don’t we suggest reading our advice.

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Best Sports To Bet On

What is an unavoidable thing when we follow sports events? That is sports betting. Millions of people follow sports events every day with great adrenaline because they use betting to place cash on some of the teams, players, etc. that day, and they are eagerly waiting to see how their bet will go and whether they will be able to get a smaller or larger amount of money depending on the amount of money they have decided to spend on betting. In which sports do people have the best chance of making money when they bet? 

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Biggest Bettors By Country

Betting has a long history. People have long loved to bet, and today they have a huge number of opportunities to earn quite a decent amount of money through sports betting. Some people may even make a living from sports betting, while for some other people due to large losses, betting can become a nightmare. Let’s see which are the countries where people like to bet the most? 

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