INSANE 7! Biggest Bettors By Country

Biggest Bettors By Country

Before we compare biggest bettors by country let’s bring a like intro to the backstory of betting itself. Betting has a long history. People have long loved to bet, and today they have a huge number of opportunities to earn quite a decent amount of money through sports betting.

Some people may even make a living from sports betting, while for some other people due to large losses, betting can become a nightmare. Let’s see and compare biggest bettors by country.

China and Macau

As the biggest country by population, China has logically one of most biggest bettors by country. The administrative unit and the former Portuguese colony, Macau, stand out in particular, which represents for China what Las Vegas is for the USA. Macau has become one of the largest gambling centrals in the world and earns more than 30 million dollars every year. 


Australia is the country with the biggest bettors by country concerning the number of inhabitants. Research shows that almost 80% of the Australian population bets. Betting is part of the culture of these people, and Australians especially like to bet on horse races. 


Along with aforementioned Macau, the USA is certainly one of the world’s largest betting countries, and Las Vegas is certainly the first thing that comes to mind when we mention biggest bettors by country / state or just gambling in general in the USA. Billions are earned each year from the gambling industry and sports betting. 

United Kingdom

Another country with a huge number of bettors is the United Kingdom, for which there are data that more than 65% of people bet. They are very much interested in football and horse racing. It can often be seen that a lot of bookmakers are sponsors of certain teams for the Premier League and many more sporting events and clubs.


Another Asian country where betting is very popular is Singapore. This island country is visited every year by a large number of biggest bettors by country and even the world, who actively engage in betting on sports and casino. Gambling is very limited in Asia that is why they all gather up in the places where it’s allowed. It’s just like Las Vegas, but for the Asian market.


Spain is another European country where betting is very popular, which is evidenced by the huge number of bookmakers presented in the country. The Spaniards love sports very much, and they are also passionate bettors who try to make money in different ways, considering that in Spain, unlike some other countries, almost all types of games are legal. 


Like the British, the Irish love to bet, especially on horse racing, although other types of betting are not foreign to them. On the negative side the Irish are known for losing a lot of money on betting, but they still bet actively and have fun doing it. Hopefully they’ll have better luck in the future. For that our team predictions might help – you all can find them on our Twitter or Telegram where free predictions are being posted daily.

These are just some of the countries where betting is very popular. In many other countries of the world, there is an increase in the number of bettors, and we have listed only those who are currently leaders in the number of bettors and the amount of realised income from betting. The betting industry is certainly one of the most profitable, industries and people around the world are trying to earn a certain amount of money every day through betting. 

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