Moon Discs: Changing The Game Of Frisbee!

Are Moon Discs The New Frisbee?

Being a sports person – it has always affected us with a passion towards throwing or catching goods. Either it is a round ball, a Frisbee or any fruit, or any other type of object, to be honest – if the hands get on it, the mind cannot resist the image of the thing flying away.

Luckily for all of us – we came across with something new, with a game changer that has been created by pairing the round ball and the Frisbee – they call it the Moon Disc, but we prefer the Mooner better!

Explaining what the new Frisbee (Moon Disc) actually is..

It is a piece of art from all its perspectives. Shaped like the Frisbee, however, made from an elastic rubber material and its unique form allows the Mooner to fly over 60 meters (+/- 200 feet). The Mooner comes in 5 colors – Red, Neon Pink, Orange, Neon Green and Yellow (see in the picture above). Pick the right color for the right occasion, and even if loosing it from the sight, you will be able to find it because of the Mooner’s colorfulness. Also, we do not want to spoil anything, but a little birdy has whispered to us that there will be more colors brought out later on.

What makes it even more impressive and ought to have is the fact of its size – it is smaller than your wallet or the phone, it easily lays in the pocket and it does not require any extra space like a full size Frisbee or almost any type of ball does. Put it in your pocket and take it to the beach to play with your friends, or take it on the plane and travel across the globe whilst having the opportunity to throw and catch, therefore, exercise at any point and in any place.

Moreover, as mentioned previously – the rubber material makes it soft to catch, therefore, it is almost impossible to get hurt whilst playing with the Mooner, even if got hit in the head. Even if a car would run over the Moon Disc – still in one piece, like nothing ever happened! The material makes playing with the Mooner safe for people at any age, and it is pet friendly, too!

Mr. Green balancing on the rope

Lets talk about the throwing part..

Throwing has always been the fun part to all of us, and it is the same with the Mooner. Throwing the Moon comes in a bit specific way, but do not worry – it should not take longer than 30 minutes for you to adjust and, afterwards, master the throwing bit!

Moreover, these guys have actually done an intro video on ”how to throw” – you can find this video in The Moon Disc’s Instagram.

Before describing to you how the throwing process goes -> check out this video of few of the Mooner throws these guys have done. To see more check out The Moon Disc’s TikTok account.

In order to make the most out of the throwing part, you have to:

  1. Take the Mooner and hold it between the Thumb, the Index Finger and the Middle Finger. It is important that you do not press it against the hand at all and keep it only in these 3 fingers;
  2. Hold it in parallel with the ground, as it would be placed horizontally;
  3. When throwing the Mooner, spin it with the Index Finger only.

That is about it, these are the three easy steps to acknowledge and fulfill in order to master the throwing part – was not that hard, huh…? 😁

When all 5 colors came together!

What makes the Mooner a must have..

To be honest, it is not just a fun toy to play with – it helps to exercise and spend the outdoors, and also indoors time in a meaningful manner. Either going to a beach with the friends, having a forest walk with your dog, or making up the craziest trick shots you have never imagined before – it is all now possible with this little, round good that can be fit in your pocket and taken anywhere.

Even if it is not for you, consider it as a new start for someone you know – get the right color (or all 5) and make a surprise!

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