What Do NHL Players Eat?

What do NHL players eat?

Who knows the answer of a question – What Do NHL Players Eat? Hockey players tend to have very intense matches, and they do need to work out quite a lot. But you also have to wonder, what do NHL players eat? What kind of diet they have? As you might imagine, the NHL player diet is very restrictive, and itโ€™s definitely not something a lot of people will enjoy.

Training diet

The sport itself is very demanding, so hockey players need to have a diet rich in nutrients, and one that promotes recovery. What Do NHL Players Eat? The regular diet needs to have lean proteins, as these are crucial for muscle repair and also for muscle recovery. Having the right carbs is also crucial, as they are used for fuel. Other things that are a part of the NHL player diet are healthy fats, dairy, nuts, veggies, fruits and seeds. Of course, every player will have his own dedicated nutrition requirements. These are determined by the training load, body composition, health and athlete needs in general.

Fluid requirements

Another important aspect regarding NHL players is that they can dehydrate very often. Players are required to drink fluid before, during and even after the match. Water is enough most of the time, but using sports drinks can be a great idea if they can deliver carbs, electrolytes and the right amount of fluid. 

What do NHL players eat? ..before each game!

The pre-match meals can include things like chicken stir-fry with some noodles or rice, or even a sandwich with some salad and chicken. Other options include muesli with berries and yoghurt or pasta that has some beef mince and some tomato sauce. Snacks are allowed, and these can be toast with some vegemite, bananas and some almonds, rice cakes on peanut butter or even some yoghurt with fruit salad.

Is it possible to eat anything during the season?

There are some small downtimes that can be used for something like this. A very good idea is to snack on things like carb-rich things like fresh fruit, maybe some muesli bars or anything similar. The main focus has to be on hydration however.

Yes, the diet of an NHL player is very intense, and there are major restrictions. At the same time, thereโ€™s a lot we can learn from these diets. Due to the nature of the sport, thereโ€™s a lot of focus on carbs for immediate burning and fuelling the body of a player. And yes, hydration is key, since the NHL players are losing a lot of water due to the intensity of every game.

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