How Did Covid-19 Change The NBA?

How Did Covid-19 Change The NBA?

How Did Covid-19 Change The NBA?The Coronavirus pandemic managed to change the NBA in ways that a lot of people didn’t imagine. The idea that people had to be in quarantine and no players or fans would be able to attend matches definitely hit everyone very hard. But the truth was that once all of this happened, the NBA officials started to find ways to get past the pandemic restrictions and eventually move on. Of course it was tougher than expected, but with the right ideas, they managed to get past some of these challenges. Here’s few of the things NBA did to answer “How Did Covid-19 Change The NBA?”

Frequent testing (How Did Covid-19 Change The NBA?)

Since there were no fans attending matches, the main focus for the NBA was to provide accurate testing. Whenever these issues appear, having the right testing methods can make a huge difference all the time. In this case, the NBA officials decided to keep the matches going without any attendees. But every player had to take a test very often to ensure no one has this new virus. Keeping the NBA players in a bubble was actually a solid idea, and one that a lot of people though to be very good in a situation like this. This was great because there was accurate data on a lot of people, who they are in contact with and so on.

Online training (How Did Covid-19 Change The NBA?)

A lot of players were unable to physically meet with trainers due to the restrictions. So they actually had to work closely with them via Zoom and other online tools. Getting proper training via online solutions is far from ideal, but a lot of teams had to deal with that. Which really goes to show the true focus on safety that the NBA chose to have in this particular situation. It’s certainly something different to what you can usually find out there, and a true insight into how careful the NBA can really be regarding the pandemic.

As you can see, the NBA took specific precautions to ensure that the virus would not spread at all. It’s easy to see why, without knowing how problematic the pandemic is, you do need to focus on whatever solutions you can in order to keep everyone safe. While some of the restrictions might have been a bit too much, you can never restrict too much when something so challenging can arise. That goes to show the true power of these solutions and how they all managed to come together properly to save the NBA and continue playing even with so many restrictions! 

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