TOP 6: NBA Bet Tips You Must Know

NBA bet tips

The NBA is simply the most impressive Basketball championship by a country’s mile. It’s where you’ll find all the elite basketball players – or the cream of the cream – playing the most impressive basketball, from amazing one on one moves, to three-pointers, to slam dunks. It’s equally exciting to bet on it as many punters do around the world. In this article we’re going to walk you through the magic world of the NBA and share our best NBA bet tips and tricks. Let’s dive right in.

Essential knowledge

Before we go over what to bet on, we’re going to share some essential facts you need to be aware of. They probably won’t make you an NBA expert and won’t make you giggle either – they’re not fun facts – but they will just help you get the basics right when it comes to betting on the NBA. And if you really aim to be a top NBA bettor you need to master the basics. 

  • Milwaukee Bucks won the championship last season
  • LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are some of the all-time-best players.
  • The league is comprised of 30 teams (Canadian teams included too) 
  • The NBA draft is system to give opportunities to young players
  • New Players  come through a system called the NBA draft.
  • The NBA consists of the East and the West Conference and each of them has fifteen teams.
  • There are the NBA playoffs which play a role who the champion is going to be

Things to keep in mind 

In this section, we’re trying to help you get the right mindset as a bettor and one of them is to be strategic and take various aspects into account before placing any bet and especially NBA one. Having a more strategic approach will come in handy to win more bets that you’d have expected to. 

Everyone will challenge the last year’s champions 

All of the teams that are going to face Milwaukee Bucks will be desperate to beat Yiannis’s team. Milwaukee won their first title since 1971 and every team will do their absolute best to win the game against the champions and be on the front page of every sports magazine and website bragging about their win. The reality is that most of those teams won’t do it – Milwaukee has a super team – but few of them will. Why not check the odds and form of Milwaukee and their opponents before every game and bet on the champions’ loss? Your stake can be as low as a fiver perhaps – the high odds will give you a great return. 

Europeans in the NBA 

Teams that have Europeans play better basketball. bringing different skills to the table. For example, players like the Spanish Ricky Rubio or the Greek Yiannis Antetokoumbo are masters at tactics and excellent team players, skills that complement the physical abilities like strength, pace and stamina American basketball players have. Such resourceful teams are often unbeatable when both attacking and defending. 

Distances make a difference 

Let’s face it, the USA is a massive country and this affects the game results. Imagine the LA Lakers travelling to the westside for a game against the NY Knicks– it’s a five-hour flight and after the journey the players probably prefer a cat nap to playing basketball. And to make matters worse such journeys aren’t one off, but they’re frequent and cause fatigue.But why is this relevant to NBA bet tips? 

It’s no surprise that the home teams win the games. In fact, normally 60-70% of the NBA games are won by the home teams – it clearly speaks volumes. Why not back the win of teams that are off the beaten track and have a great record of beating their opponents at home? 

Different Bet Types 

We’re talking about three common bet types that you’ll be able to find on any bookies’ website and combining it with the NBA bet tips above you will be get the hung of it soon.

Moneyline NBA bet tips

It’s the most common bet type, especially among rookie punters. You just come up with a winning combo of NBA games and go ahead with your bet. Say for example, you speculate the home wins of the Milwaukee Bucks, LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls, so you add the three of them to the same bet and you’re sorted. You only win the bet if all of your predictions are accurate – predicting one or two out of three matches correctly won’t be enough. 

The only trouble with this is adding too many teams to your bet puts your chances of winning it down. In fact, if you have four teams in the same bet, statistically you have only 6.3% chances of winning – numbers never lie. But, if you have one or two teams, odds are your profit will be low and you don’t want to risk a high stake for a low profit. Ideally, you need to find the soft spot between the number of games you’re going to have in your bet and games with high worth taking the risk to make you pocket some significant cash. 

Game totals

If you tried the Moneyline bet and it doesn’t float your boat for some reason Game Totals is an excellent alternative. All you need to do is you bet on the total of points both teams will get during a game. If you’re really eager to nail it, some research is needed. Just find out which are typically teams with top top attack but dysfunctional/ poor defence. So they score and concede a lot – good for you. If you stick to the bet type, odds are you’ll find a bunch of cash cow teams that score above this number and get you win bet after bet. 

Spread Betting 

If you fancy mixing up different bet kinds then you should give the Spread Betting a shot. Imagine you fancy backing the favourite but the odds are very low. In fact, you do the maths and the profit you make is just a fiver – not good is it? This is where the Spread Betting comes in handy to make the game look tight as never before. The favourite is given an amount of points to score over from the bookies. So it’s really tight and again it’s worth doing some research and see how many points they win their games by.

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