TOP 5 Highest Paid Hockey Players

Highest Paid Hockey Players

These are the highest paid hockey players. Many players all over the world are continuing to earn a lot of money in the NHL. The contracts are becoming more and more fruitful, and players are able to earn some ridiculous amounts of money. It’s definitely great for the sport itself, and many of these players.

Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr is the top earner of all time for the NHL. He managed to accrue more than $135 million during 24 seasons in the league. He was also the second highest point scorer in the NHL history. This really goes to show the dedication he had for the sport. Plus, he did end up with a massive payday after all his work in the league.

Sidney Crosby

Sidney is most definitely on the “highest paid hockey players” list. The player earned around $128m during his career. He made this money via his NHL contracts with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He managed to accrue a lot of money due to being a very dedicated player, committed to success and growth. Which is what made him a top earner in the first place.

Joe Sakic

At one point during his career, Joe Sakic managed to earn around $16.45 million during a season. That was quite a lot, and it’s still the highest amount that was ever paid to a player for a single season. Things might change in the future, but for now this is the record.

Auston Matthews

Right now, Auston Matthews is earning around $15.9 million per season. It’s close to the all time record of highest paid hockey players. However, this is a deal that spans 5 years and it covers $58.17 million. Having multi-year contracts is quite common in the NHL, and this one is definitely one of the most expensive contracts ever made, especially since it’s covering multiple years.

Connor McDavid

Another top earner in the NHL is Connor McDavid. He is playing at the Edmonton Oilers, and he is making around $13 million pear year. He was making way less in the past few years, but his great performance definitely made quite the impression.

It’s amazing to see just how much hockey players continue to earn at this time. That has earned him a spot as one of the highest paid hockey players. While the pandemic might influence some contracts later on, it’s still amazing to see just how much money some players managed to earn over the years. It also shows that people continue to be very excited about the NHL and hockey in general. While the future is uncertain for some teams, it’s still great to see a lot of players are doing very well!

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