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half/time full/time betting


The half time is often associated with taking your eyes off of TV  to pour a cool drink, tweeting about the referee or rushing to have dinner. There’s more than this between and during the two halves of a football game. The half/time full/time betting will really make your wallet loaded, offering joy and some decent odds. All you need to know about this betting type is piled up in this comprehensive article which is full of valuable tips and tricks on how to really become a true master at half/time full/time betting. Let’s get started.

What is it? 

In case the half/time full/time betting seems a foreign language to you it will be a good idea to go over the below example that demonstrates how it works. The half/time full/time betting is simple: you bet on both the half time and full time result, hoping that you’ll be correct with both of your predictions to win the bet. 

Let’s see an example:

Betting on Manchester City vs Aston Villa 

You bet Manchester CIty to win at the first and second half. If the Blues are in front in both halves, kudos you’ve won your bet. If you predicted either the result of the first or second half isn’t enough in this case.

Possible options 

Be ready to be spoiled by choice with half/time full/time betting as it has nine different possible options: 

11, 1X, 12, X1, XX, X2, 21, 22, 2X 

As mentioned above you need to be correct in the combo of your predictions half time AND full time to make cash. 

Pros and Cons


Better Odds: taking a quick look at the odds of half/time full/time betting, it’s clear that this category has higher odds than the 1X2 full time bet. Let’s take a quick look at the odds on of the Premier League game between Norwich vs Brighton 

1X2 full time:

Norwich                         3.65 X                                    3.45 Brighton                           2.1

Half Time/Full Time Betting odds: 

Norwich/Norwich  6.75
Norwich/Brighton 29
Norwich/Draw 17
Brighton/Draw 17
Draw/Draw 5.25
Brighton/Norwich 42
Brighton/Brighton 3.45
Tie/Norwich 9
Tie/Brighton 5.75

Simple to understand: it’s nowhere near the likes of Asian Handicap which you need to get your head around how it works and which teams are perfect for it. It’s a fairly simple concept to get; all you need to do is predict the right result of both half time and full time. Predicting the result of the half time correctly, but losing the final result won’t be enough to win your bet. 

Easy to analyse the data: you can quickly and almost effortlessly put the results of every week in an Excel file and analyse them, looking for teams showing patterns and teams that often get the same half time full time betting results over and over. 

Available on different bookies: The great news is that half/time full/time betting is regarded as one of the most popular bet types in football, so you’ll be spoiled by choices as you can find on plenty of bookies’ platforms. One of them is 10bet which offers awesome odds.


More risky: high odds come at a price as it’s occasionally tricky to make two predictions right. It’s worthy to do data analysis to help you make an informed decision on the most possible half time/full time result. 

Too many possible results: You’re asked to choose between nine possible results and sometimes too many options cause confusion and indecision. 

Things to keep in mind 

Teams that score first 

Teams that score first will do the trick for your half/time full/time betting. Research shows that  a whopping 70% of the teams that score first at home win the actual game. Detecting all those teams that score first before the end of the first half time will make you smile from ear to ear, winning more and more and more half time/full time bets. For example, Chelsea, in the Premier League, scored first in six out of their first seven games (85%) and their opening goal on average is on the 23rd minute – excellent team for win/win bet. 

In Serie A, Milan and Roma usually score first (85%) and their opening goals are during the first half – choices for win/win bet – while Venezia concedes goals first (85%) while the opening goal on average is on 41st minute in their games. 

In Germany, Bayern has scored first in most of their games (85%) and they open the score on the 21st minute on average – another team worth looking at win/win bet. 

In La Liga, Alaves have conceded on average their opponents score their first goal in the 34th minute. 

In the French league, Lille is a great team to keep an eye on throughout the season, having scored the opening goal six out of nine times and scored the first goal in the first half (31st minute). 

In summary

Chelsea win/win
Milan win/win
Roma win/win
Venezia lose/lose
Bayern win/win
Alaves lose/lose (away)
Lille win/win (home)

Minutes the teams score 

Knowing the minute the team you’re about to bet on most likely to score is gold. It’s wise to keep a record of teams you fancy betting on – for your own reasons – with the minute they score and concede goals by simply opening a useful record-keeping tool like Excel and populating it. Why is this going to win with your half/time full/time betting? It will allow you to dig deeper and have a clearer picture of those teams, their style of play, their strengths and the weakest elements in their play. This extra little work will be key to winning more bets and seeing more money in your bank account which is always a great feeling. 

Here are some examples of the top five leagues in Europe: Chelsea, in the Premier League, tend to open the score early in the games they’ve played this season so far – great bet for a Chellsea/Chelsea bet.

In Italy, AC Milan have scored goals all along the game – great for Milan/Milan bet, while Roma often score their goals between the 31st and 45th minute and 61st and 90th minute which makes them another excellent team for win in both halves of the game.

In Bundesliga, Bayern is also another team that scores many goals all along the game – great for Bayer/Bayern, but Hertha Berlin is quite the opposite, conceding goals all along the game – top bet for backing Hertha’s loss from the first half. 

Moving on to Spain, Cadiz, Mallorca and Osasuna should be on your list as the first two often score more goals than conceding in the first half, but concede more in the second half than scoring – great bet for 1/2 or 2/1 while Osasuna balance the goals they score and concede in both halves of the game – an excellent options for Draw/Draw bet. And in Ligue 1, Montpelier, like Osasuna, balances the goals they score and concede in both halves – another great team for Draw/Draw while Nice are smashing it so far, winning games from the first half. 

In summary 

Chelsea win/win
Milan  win/win
Roma win/win
Bayern win/win
Hertha Berlin lose/lose
Cadiz win/lose
Mallorca win/lose
Osasuna draw/draw
Montpellier draw/draw
Nice win/win

Specialise in one category 

If you aim to win half/time full/time betting after betting, it’s wise to avoid being jack of all trades. Let’s face it, this betting category has nine different options and picking the right one each time for the game you fancy betting on might drive you around the bend. Why not specialise in one single category and forget about all the other options once and for all? We have a couple of suggestions to make it easier to choose the category that’s perfect for you. 

Back dominant favourite for half time/ full time betting

You just go for the favourites of each league and back their win from the first half. Is it Manchester CIty, Liverpool, Chelsea, Juventus, Bayern, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid or Paris? Whichever is the team you just place a win/win half/time full/time betting and make money in the long run as it is normal to lose some bets – from bad luck or whatever reason – here and there. It’s worthy to keep an eye on the teams and be aware of their recent form and injuries to maximise your wins and earnings. 

Back draws for half/time full/time betting  

Be the man who goes for the draws. Why should you do it? It’s known that draws pay well, having high odds. Focusing only on one category will do the trick for you. Whether it’s XX, 2X or 1X just go full on and make it count but become a true expert by living and breathing for draws, draws and more draws.

Be adventurous with half/time full time betting

If you live life in the fast lane and building wealth from betting doesn’t appeal to you, you should focus on 1/2 or 2/1 bets. The odds you’ll get are simply the highest out of the other seven combos which means a big win can outweigh many losses and you can still be on the winning side. At the end of the day betting is great fun and perhaps making profit from a win/lose or lose/win game it’s going to be unforgettable and more joyful than any other stress of low-odd wins put together. 

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