What’s an NFT + Future Predictions

What's an NFT | Predictions

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs took the world by storm. They became very important because this is a great way to own something and be sure that no one else actually has it. This is a token that’s also a unique digital asset. The NFT token is a unique painting that can’t be replicated. 

There are some NFTs that exist in 10-20 iterations, but the truth is that the most valuable Non-Fungible Tokens are unique and they can’t be duplicated. That means whenever you buy that NFT, you own it and you can re-sell it the way you want without any restrictions. The most important aspect is that NFTs are meant to be rare and unique. They have a value that can differ, it all comes down to what people pay for the NFT in question.

The most expensive NFT at the time of this writing cost $69 million, and we can expect this to change soon. The reason is simple, this news sparked the interest for people that want to own digital items in the long run. Some are worried that NFTs can be used for money laundering or a variety of other aspects like that. However, the truth is that NFTs continue to be very appealing to a lot of people, and they will continue to try out new ways to get into this craze.

Here’s also a entertaining way of explaining non-fungible tokens on SNL, have a look.

Since a Non-Fungible Token can’t be copied, once you own it, you can re-sell or keep it and maybe expect the value to increase. That can be hard to do, but the sky is the limit. You never really know how these things can change, and in the end that’s the thing to keep in mind.

There was a problem in the beginning, in 2016 when these things appeared because people were trying to buy with fiat currencies. Thanks to the blockchain and Ethereum ecosystem, it’s a lot easier than ever to buy NFTs and sell them. There’s no worry about liquidity. 

On top of that, we also have certain marketplaces that help you buy and sell bitcoin like Binance. It helps immensely, since you can easily purchase and sell these unique tokens the way you want. It’s an interesting idea, and one of those things that really help push the boundaries in a very different manner. That alone makes it well worth it. Plus, the market is only growing, so these might eventually be a great investment. But no one knows that.

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