Nearpost Soccer Attack Explained 


Nearpost soccer attack refers to the side of the attack that is built up. For example, if the player is running through the right side and he aims to pass the ball to one of his team players that stand nearpost from the same side. 

What really is a near post in football?

When a cross enters the area, forwards are frequently instructed to “go across the first defender.” When a striker can accomplish this, he has a strong probability of being the one to make contact with the ball first, which increases the likelihood that goals will be scored from the nearpost

Goal-scoring from crosses and pull-back passes is the focus of this session.

What to consider Attackers must…

  • not advance with the ball before their teammate since they are probably offside.
  • Before attacking the close post, move in the direction of the far post.
  • When a teammate elevates their head, approaches the goal line, or lifts their leg back to cross the ball, they should

What movements should players make? 

Make use of a penalty area and divide your team into two. Between the six-yard box and the 18-yard box, servers are positioned on the goal line. Around the perimeter of the penalty box, additional outfield players form a line in the middle.

Initial among those players advances toward the post closest to the servers, gets a pass, and makes the first shot.

At the border of the penalty box, that player joins the back of the servers’ line, and the server joins the back of the players’ line. The drill is repeated by the next two players in line.

Repeat the exercise from the opposing side of the penalty area after a certain amount of time.

Here’s an effective development of nearpost soccer 

Make use of a penalty area and divide your team into three sections. To one side of the penalty box, the wide players (W) are positioned. On the edge of the penalty area, on either side of the “D,” are two sets of strikers (A and B).

The first wide player advances the ball toward the goal line by dribbling it up the field. A gang A attacker approaches the nearby post. A group B attacker runs in the opposite direction for the far post. Attackers should ideally sprint in one direction before turning around to face their intended target.

Either striker can try to score when the wide player crosses. The wide player enters line B while attackers B and A join lines A and W. Repeat the drill from the opposite side of the penalty area until everyone has gotten a turn in each position.

Add a defender who starts in the six-yard box to advance.

A common game situation

Play a small-sided game and set the rules so that goals can only be scored after a pull-back pass or wing cross.

Play the game without those limitations to advance, however goals scored after a cross or pull-back pass, at the near post, count triple.

The team which scores more goals than their opponent wins.

Bottom Line of nearpost soccer 

I hope you learned a thing or two about football and nearpost attack in soccer. Stay tuned, more informative articles are going to be published soon. 

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