Moneyline Betting On Euroleague 2021/22

moneyline betting on Euroleague

If you’ve been unlucky with your bets on other sports, why not give basketball and Euroleague a shot? Euroleague basketball is great to watch, keeping spectators on their toes, witnessing players giving it all on the court, creating moments of magic and scoring unbelievable points that stick in the memory. In this article, we’re going to share with you some essential Euroleague facts, tips and tricks on moneyline betting on Euroleague and much more. Let’s dive right in. 

Read through this before betting on Euroleague

Before you go ahead and place your first bet, it’s a good idea to take a look at the below nifty facts about Euroleague which will help you get a better picture of the competition — especially if you’re not into basketball.

  • Real Madrid has been the most successful team of the competition, winning it ten times while CSKA Moscow has won it eight and Panathinaikos and Maccabi Tel Aviv have won it six times
  • 18 teams participate in the competition of 8 qualify for the play-offs 
  • The way the teams in play-offs pair is: 1st vs. 8th, 2nd vs. 7th, 3rd vs. 6th and 4th vs. 5th
  • The winners of the past five years are: Anadolu Efes (2020-21), CSKA Moscow (2018-19), Real Madrid (2017-18), Fenerbahce (2016-17), CSKA Moscow (2015-16)
  • These are the main differences between Euroleague and NBA:

  Euroleague NBA
Game duration 4 ten-minute halves 4 twelve-minute halves
3 point line distance 20′ x 6.1″ 23′ x 9″
Player foul limit  5 6
Shot clock 24 seconds after offensive rebound: 14 seconds 24 seconds
Number of Referees 2 3
Size of Basketball Men: Max circ 30.7″ 78 cmWomen: 29″ – 74 cm Max: circ 29.5″ – 22 ounces

Pros and Cons of betting on Euroleague 

We’ve piled up the pros and cons for you to get a better feel of what it is all about and why it’s worth moneyline betting on Euroleague.


  • Unlike football, you can often predict correctly the final result of a game by simply looking into the teams’ stats. 
  • It’s more common than other sports to see teams turning around a match which is great news for bettors like you, with live betting odds swinging sharply and favouring the team that is ahead 
  • Euroleague will keep you gripped, especially with the play-off games which often have dramatic endings  that will take your breath away – and leave you with no nails to bite.
  • Unlike the NBA, they play like a proper team, defending and attacking all together and working a lot on tactics. This is key to predicting the game result easier. 


  • Teams with a heavy schedule won’t go full on especially at the beginning of the tournament. You’d better stay away from such games and save your money for another bet.
  • Nuances sometimes affect the game result and this makes it difficult to make it the right prediction.

Tips and Tricks on moneyline betting on Euroleague 

All of the ideas discussed below are simple yet practical and before you go ahead and place a bet make sure you go over it (it will only take you a few minutes).

Think about how the teams score their points

In basketball, you can reach informed conclusions from the way teams score. Do most of their points come from three-pointers or just two-point shoots? A team with the majority of its points scored by three-pointers is often coupled with inconsistent performances which makes it tricky to predict whether they’ll win their next game.

 But when a team’s two-points outweighs their three-pointers it’s a great sign for betting. Say for example, you’re planning to put money on Real Madrid’s win against  Zalgiris and you find out that the Spanish team mostly scores two-points in their games, clinching wins week in week out – you can bank on them and bet on their win. 

Team’s schedule 

Heavy schedule, and tough opponents can make even some of the best teams lose along the way. If you want to bet on CSKA Moscow’s win against Barcelona, it’s worth digging into their recent performances. Was their last game a walk-in-the-park win or was tight enough to see the spectators biting their nails till the last second? Do they have more tough games ahead of them?

 Oftentimes all those teams have to face one tough opponent after the other, having limited time to rest and gather their thoughts before their next game and they end up losing games here and there. It’s clever to do your research and bet on the teams that seal wins and seem to be coping with their schedule. 

Back top teams that lost their last game

Back top teams that were hammered in their last game. Let’s say Olympiacos lost their last game in the Greek league for whatever reason, but you can’t tell their squad is devoid of great talent. They’re now looking forward to their next game to bounce back and prove their doubters wrong. This next game in Euroleague during the week is going to be a confidence booster not only for Olympiacos, but for you as a punter picking the low-hanging of moneyline betting on Euroleague. 

Back underdogs in form with moneyline betting on Euroleague

Like in almost every sport, underdogs in form can beat the top guns. Underdogs in form sometimes beat top teams in basketball – it’s common in almost every sport. They’re also probably inspired by David who managed to beat Goliath, a much larger opponent than him. 

The form of a team often boils down to confidence when every three-pointer shoot they attempt goes in or every through ball they pass is successful – they’re convinced nobody can stop them.. It’s great news for you, finding all those underdogs in form offering you attractive odds that will make you pocket more cash. 

Check the line ups first 

Before placing your bet, it’s wise to study each team’s line ups thoroughly for a bunch of reasons. For starters, you should look at the players who are starting and then move on to the players on the bench. European basketball is known to be way more tactical than NBA with teams working endless hours on analysing tactics and perfecting movement off the ball.

 Taking a close look at the line-ups and the options on the bench will imply a lot about each team’s approach to the match which always depends on the players available in each game. It will be gold for you, making informed deductions that will lead you to backing the right team each time. 

Alternative Options

The ideas discussed in this article are mainly for moneyline betting. There are plenty of options in Euroleague betting though, such as handicap betting and winner per period. Why not go through the options on BETWINNER and find what suits you best? 

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