UFC Fight Night Preview And Prediction

From seasoned veterans to rising stars, get ready for the UFC fight night of intense octagon action, where every match tells a unique story

Prepare for an action-packed UFC Fight Night on December 2, 2023, featuring explosive matchups that promise to keep fans on the edge of their seats. In this preview, we dissect key bouts, analyzing odds and predictions for clashes like Beneil Dariush vs. Arman Tsarukyan and Rob Font vs. Deiveson Figueiredo. 

From seasoned veterans to rising stars, get ready for a night of intense octagon action where every fight tells a unique story. Join us as we navigate through styles, narratives, and predictions that will make this UFC Fight Night worthwhile for you as a bettor or game enthusiast.

Beneil Dariush (+240) vs Arman Tsarukyan (-298)

The matchup between Beneil Dariush and Arman Tsarukyan is a highly anticipated fixture at the UFC Fight Night. Dariush, known for his striking prowess, aims to target Tsarukyan’s soft spots. The oddsmakers favor Tsarukyan at -298, recognizing him as a versatile competitor with solid strikes and grappling talent.

Dariush sports a 22-5-1 MMA and 16-5-1 UFC record. His previous fight resulted in a defeat by Charles Oliveira in June 2023, halting his impressive eight-bout winning spree. He’s celebrated for his striking capacity, snagging four fight night bonuses in the UFC. He also boasts a victory over ex-interim lightweight champ Tony Ferguson.

Tsarukyan’s stats stand at 20-3 MMA and 7-2 in the UFC. His recent performances include consecutive victories against Joaquim Silva and Damir Ismagulov. Tsarukyan comes across as an all-rounder in the cage, with both his strikes and grapples earning respect. A 2022 decision loss to Mateusz Gamrot marked a $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus at his first headline UFC event.

Dariush’s renowned grappling technique, which previously stumped Gamrot’s wrestling, might give him an edge on the ground against Tsarukyan. Plus, he’s got superior technical strike skills, potentially allowing him to land kicks from various positions. 

UFC Prediction: Dariush ML (+225)

UFC Fight Night Prediction 2

Jalin Turner (-155) vs Bobby Green (+130)

Jalin “The Tarantula” Turner, who’s 6-foot-3, boasts a record of 13 wins, 7 losses, and no draws. He’s pretty good when it comes to punching, having knocked out opponents in 9 out of his 13 victories. Standing tall with a reach that stretches 77 inches, Turner might use this to his benefit during the bout.

Then you’ve got Bobby Green, a bit shorter at 5-foot-10, with a history of 27 wins, 13 losses, and one draw. This guy’s been through a lot in the lightweight class and has squabbled with some tough cookies. He’s got a reach of 71 inches and will probably try to get up close and personal to level the playing field with his seasoned skills against Turner’s lankiness.


Lately, both gents have had their ups and downs, causing some back-and-forth in the betting world. Turner’s towering stature and knack for knocking folks out mean he’s not someone to take lightly. As for Green? His know-how and quick thinking in the ring could spell trouble for his opponent.

The betting lines and people guessing how this UFC fight night will go down think it’s going to be neck and neck. Turner’s got a leg up thanks to his long arms and punchy tactics, but Green isn’t someone to count out with his tough-as-nails attitude and wealth of experience.

UFC Prediction: Turner to win by KO/TKO/DQ (+250)

UFC Fight Night Prediction 3

Rob Font (-130) vs Deiveson Figueiredo (+110)

Everyone’s talking about the upcoming bantamweight bout between Rob Font and Deiveson Figueiredo. Font started off as the bettor’s pick at -130, but those numbers have been bouncing around. Figueiredo, who came in at +110, has seen some ups and downs in the betting line too.

Rob Font is a smooth striker and plans to use that edge in the stand-up fight. He’s taller and has a longer reach, which he’ll use to keep Figueiredo at bay and hit him with heavy shots. But Figueiredo packs a punch and even without a knockout blow, he could give Font a hard time.

Deiveson Figueiredo, ex-flyweight champ, comes packed with power and isn’t afraid to get aggressive. He might not be the favorite but his pushy style and ability to rain down heavy hits mean he shouldn’t be underestimated. His 68″ reach and traditional fighting stance mean he can hold his own in a strike-fest with Font.

The fight’s getting hype for its clash of fighting styles. Font’s sharp strategy faces off against Figueiredo’s brute strength. This matchup’s got everyone from fans to experts on the edge of their seats, waiting to see some top-notch striking and brainy fight tactics.

UFC Prediction: Rob Font to win (-145)

UFC Fight Night Prediction 4

Sean Brady (-122) vs Kelvin Gastelum (+102)

Sean Brady, boasting a 15-1 professional MMA record, is viewed as a rising star in the welterweight division. Known for his well-rounded skill set, Brady has showcased strong grappling and striking abilities in his recent performances. Analysts have highlighted his potential to control the fight by closing the distance and utilizing his grappling expertise to gain an advantage over Gastelum.

Kelvin Gastelum, a seasoned veteran with a record of 17-8-0, has faced top-tier competition throughout his career. Despite a recent run of mixed results, Gastelum remains a dangerous opponent known for his striking and durability. Analysts have emphasized the importance of Gastelum’s experience and striking prowess, suggesting that he poses a significant threat to Brady.

The contrasting styles and career trajectories of the two fighters have contributed to the intrigue surrounding the UFC fight night matchup. Brady’s emergence as a prospect in the division, coupled with Gastelum’s reputation as a battle-tested contender, has set the stage for a compelling showdown.

UFC Prediction: Kelvin Gastelum to win (-105)

UFC Fight Night Prediction 5

Clay Guida (+250) vs Joaquim Silva (-310)

Clay Guida is a seasoned fighter, holding a 36-21-0 record. He’s skilled in both grappling and throwing punches and has gone up against some of the best in his long career. However, Guida has hit a rough patch, losing three out of his last four matches. He’s aiming to bounce back with his wealth of experience and grappling tricks when he faces the younger Silva.

Joaquim Silva boasts a 12-2-0 record and is known for ending fights decisively. His recent track record includes three wins in his past four fights, with two wins ending in knockouts. Silva plans to stick to his strong striking game to push Guida back and notch another win.


The mix of fighting styles between Guida and Silva adds excitement to this fight. There’s talk about how Guida’s grappling might stack up against Silva’s powerful strikes, which has fans and experts watching closely.

While Silva’s solid performance and knockout skills might give him the edge, don’t count out Guida just yet. His vast experience and grappling know-how make him an unexpected threat.

UFC Prediction: Clay Guida to win (+270)

UFC Fight Night Prediction 6

Punahele Soriano (-310) vs Dustin Stoltzfus (+260)

Punahele Soriano, a 28-year-old fighter, has a record of 9-3-0. Known for his striking abilities, Soriano has secured five of his wins by way of knockout or TKO. His most recent fight was a unanimous decision victory over Jack Hermansson at UFC 280 on October 7, 2023.

Dustin Stoltzfus, a 31-year-old fighter, has a record of 14-5-0. Stoltzfus has fought primarily in the welterweight division but has moved up to middleweight for this bout. He has secured four of his wins by way of knockout or TKO and one by decision.

The contrasting styles of the two fighters have contributed to the intrigue surrounding the matchup. Soriano’s striking abilities and knockout power against Stoltzfus’s experience and diverse skill set create an intriguing dynamic that has captured the attention of fans and pundits alike.

Soriano’s striking ability and recent form make him the favorite, but Stoltzfus’s experience and adaptability make him a live underdog.

UFC Prediction: Punahele Soriano to wins by KO/TKO (+110)


As the fighters prepare to step into the octagon, the odds and predictions for each fight suggest that the outcomes can be certainly predicted, making the event a must-watch for fans of the sport. With several competitive odds for bettors, the UFC Fight Night is shaping up to be an unforgettable night for all involved.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling event that will undoubtedly go down in history as one for the books. This match-up is set to deliver a night of fights that would be hard to forget, leaving fans on the edge of their seats from the beginning to the finish.

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