2 Crypto You Should Never Sell (BEST)

Crypto You Should Never Sell

The current crypto market dynamics may be so tempting for crypto holders to sell. Here’s 2 crypto you should never sell.

Although you could be itching to sell, there are some cryptocurrencies that you should not sell. 

Their value has not peaked, and the current price rally in the crypto markets is just a show of how hard, not how far, the cryptocurrencies can push past imaginary price ceilings.

Bitcoin alone has soared from about $9,600 to over $54,800 (over 470% rise in value) in just one year, and who wouldn’t want to sell? Not so fast!


Crypto You Should Never Sell


Bitcoin: The crypto market is notorious for high price volatility, with BTC shedding 10% or more value in a single day. The gains are similarly significant. Even with this volatility, Bitcoin has remained on an average upward trend. 

The halvening event, where BTC rewards are halved, reduces the circulating supply of BTC and with rising demand, the value of the coin will soar. 

Moreover, BTC accounts for over 60% of the crypto market cap, and its dominance has made it the favorite coin for most users, institutional investors, and financial corporations. 

The coin’s adoption to mainstream financial transactions will equally drive up its value as a trusted digital coin.


Ether: Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Ether (ETH) is another cryptocurrency you should hold or hodl, as we say. 

The ethereum is crypto you should never sell. It’s network has expanded and simplified leveraging of blockchain technology in real-world applications. 

From smart contracts to customizable tokens and scalable decentralized applications (dApps), the ethereum ecosystem is a problem solver for most shortcomings in the world today. 

Several crypto projects have built their framework on the ethereum network. This adoption has been significant in driving ETH’s price and making it the second-largest cryptocurrency. 

Ethereum’s future is solid, and so is ETH’s. 

There are several other cryptocurrencies that you may choose not to sell. 

In your decision-making, ensure that you do thorough research on the cryptocurrency, especially what holds ground for its long-term performance based on the current performance, technology, operation model, and even legislation.

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